The perfect green economy, on a macro scale, looks to build infrastructure and implement frameworks to create greater economic growth for all. Green Economies create initiatives that protect the basic requirements of human beings and the environment – Technology dictates how fast and effective results are achieved, including efficient or renewable energy, reduced carbon footprint and the clever use of primary resources needed in the production of energy.

The green economy is involving investments from both government and private sectors, leading to development that is focused on decreasing carbon emissions, controlling pollution, boosting up resources and energy efficiency and preventing the biodiversity losses. [UNEP]

Key Drivers for a Successful Green Economy:

  • Skills transfer and job creation in new green driven sectors;
  • Upgrades and innovation in existing processes;
  • Promote both local and foreign investment;
  • Decouple growth from resource consumption;
  • Improve efficiency in energy and resource usage;
  • Reduced dependency on essential imports;
  • Ecologically conscious;
  • Cradle-to-cradle economies;
  • Equity & fairness to all lifeforms and the environment;
  • Shift energy and water supply to decentralized systems;
  • Create food security to alleviate poverty.

We can’t afford to look past global warming, the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, resource depletion and drought. A highly desirable benefit to a functioning green economy is that it creates low, middle and high skilled jobs, which is an important near-term benefit for the transition towards a greener future.

Implementing sustainable solutions will pave the way to a thriving green economy and is a win-win plan for a semi-arid country like South Africa. In the face of the global climate change dilemma and local economic challenges, a transition to a green economy has the potential to drive sustainable economic growth, improve service delivery and increase employment in South Africa.

We have over a decade of experience in mitigating water and energy related challenges that have an adverse effect on businesses, communities and government bodies. Water and energy poverty hinders the economic growth and prosperity of emerging economies and industries.  Speak to us now!