There are many ways to obtain a good water treatment system. The maturing of the decentralized and modular systems sector has opened up new avenues to reduce downtime and continue operations without disruptions.

Did you know that leasing a packaged water treatment solution gives you access to a pre-engineered new system without the CAPEX?

The primary benefit is that with MEB you aren’t responsible for the maintenance and the administration that is part and parcel of running a water treatment plant. This is the optimal solution for construction sites, remote locations, resorts and much more.

If you have temporary or decentralized water supply requirements, or you know from the outset that you’re going to be temporarily running operations in that location, then leasing might be a better option for you.

MEB offers contemporary short- and long-term finance options for economical and efficient water and wastewater treatment.

Long-term water treatment service to guarantee treated water supply, for many years.

Our technology experts will help you assess your individual needs and determine how much you should spend on water treatment. We provide an extensive portfolio of service solutions, and believe it or not, the cost savings that can be achieved will astound you.

MEB has modelled its solutions offering around industry needs:

  • Flexible finance and contract options.
  • Unparalleled service and technical innovation.
  • Regular preventative maintenance.
  • Review of operating data and document service reports.
  • Annual performance and business review.
  • Premium quality water.
  • IoT integrated real-time monitoring.
  • Smart billing and usage.
  • Low CAPEX.

Solutions for your Decentralized Water Needs

MABR: Domestic Wastewater Treatment

MABR has distinct advantages over legacy processes for decentralized wastewater treatment. The small-footprint, single-tank design of MABR modules allows containerized packaging for easy shipping. Bringing treatment to the point of need leads to high CAPEX savings on pipeline and pumping station construction, as well OPEX savings on the energy used to operate them.

NIROBOX™: Sea-, Brackish and Freshwater

Get the water you need when you need it with the NIROBOX™ family of packaged water treatment plants.

We work with the best in industry and supply mobile water treatment solutions that ensure your water supply is reliable and clean. You can use our solutions in multiple applications be it for the short-term, like during urgent water supply needs, to meet peak demand, or while waiting for a new permanent system to be installed or the long term.

If you are looking for flexible finance options, quick lead times, and Installation and operations expertise – then you’ve come to the right technology provider.

We’re ready to welcome you to the family, contact us today!

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