Semi-permanent, containerized mobile water treatment plants are constructed in containers. The container is modified to perform the function of a control room and water tank. Our NIROBOX™ and MABR solutions are state-of-the-art, plug-and-play water and wastewater treatment plants housed in a standard shipping container, designed to treat domestic wastewater to quality drinking water.

Our NIROBOX™ product line is a system to treat brackish and seawater by way of desalination, or the treatment of surface water. The boxes have been designed to maximize production capacity with a minimal footprint, and low operation and maintenance requirements. Water treatment in a container is useful for a quick and hassle-free start with a minimal environmental impact. MEB supplies modern treatment solutions that are integrated in a fully equipped mobile, compact container. Ideal for temporary or permanent water treatment needs with adequate protection against external risks such as the weather.

Plug and play

Our containerized mobile water treatment plants are ‘plug and play’: all the equipment is preassembled, connected, wired and tested in our state of the art production facilities. The transportation is effortless and provides a rapid solution with minimal impact on other operations.

Customized design options

Containerized treatment plants are available in various treatment capacities. The walls and roof are reinforced, insulated and finished with a chemical resistant surface finish. The floor is waterproof and fitted with high quality cladding and built in structural reinforcements.

Robust modular containers

All containers are new and delivered according to international certification standards. The container can also be spray painted to your company’s brand identity. The units are modular and can be increased for higher capacities; and can still be individually controlled, whether manually or remotely.

We have been integrating our know-how in the design and maintenance of water treatment plants for over 2 decades. MEB is dedicated to continuous growth as an EPC Company. Focused on sustainability, efficiency and low maintenance technology. Ultimately containerized treatment is so much more than just throwing a product into a container but is an optimal way of preserving water resources by installing environmentally conscious solutions.