Increasing water demands in costal regions heightens the pressure on the availability of freshwater resources and on coastal ecosystems – leading to challenges like water shortage, overexploitation of groundwater aquifers, and degradation of wetlands.

South Africa boasts a coastline of 2,798 km and is of strategic importance for an economy suffering greatly from a „Pandemic Crisis “and high unemployment rates. The tourism industry is geared to recover, but what about our water supply? In most recent years the severity and frequency of droughts appear to have increased, furthermore stunting economic prosperity.

Water insecurity limits the economy and forces people to migrate. South Africa has to urgently address water poverty by accelerating investment into climate resilient water and sanitation services. Water services have to be prioritised at the highest political level and a commitment to ensure the reversal of current unsustainable investment trends.

MEB specialises in solutions that not only protect the environment from overconsumption and pollution but help modernise and increase efficiency of failing infrastructure.

We have world-class partnerships, with captains of innovation and suppliers of the most robust decentralised water and wastewater treatment systems on the globe.