Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but the amount of water on earth has always been exactly the same – however not all have equal access to this finite source. Taking Wastewater Reuse to mainstream Sub-Saharan Africa has become the prime driver of contemporary technology development on the continent. Sub-Saharan Africa consist of 48 countries, some of which are experiencing rapid economic, social, and technological advancements through the adoption of efficient wastewater reuse.

An integrated wastewater treatment system by MEB help generate millions of cubes of reclaimed water per day. Expanding water reuse practices and customising or upgrading water treatment plants to accommodate population growth, urbanisation and persistent drought are the main solutions that will eliminate pollution and contamination of distribution systems and waterways. As water scarcity intensifies, water technology companies are working toward advancing the conversation of sustainable water supply technologies, including the use of wastewater reuse – or reclaimed water, to tackle water shortages.

MABR wastewater treatment modules provide effluent treatment that is optimal for reuse, while reducing energy and chemical demand. The Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) provides a revolutionary enhancement in aerobic wastewater treatment. The MABR is, all but, a fixed film process where the biofilm is supplied with oxygen via the membrane on which the biofilm grows. So, the major difference is that it’s a type of fixed film process, as opposed to a suspended growth system like the Membrane bioreactor (MBR).

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