Water is considered a core material in chemical manufacturing either for a feedstock or as a cooling/heating medium in process utilities. Multiple water facilities and technologies are also involved in chemical complexes such as:

• Cooling Systems (Closed Cooling – Open Cooling)

• Filtration Systems

• Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

• Desalination Plants

• Demineralsation Units

• Wastewater Treatment Plants

• Steam Generation Systems (Boilers)

Conserving and protecting drinking water must be a high priority. Our partners have developed products and technologies to reduce water use in the chemical manufacturing sector. We’re helping our members identify at-risk watersheds in the communities near their manufacturing facilities, aimed at developing and helping companies identify actions to address potential issues.

We continue innovating robust solutions to enable water conservation, sanitation, reuse, and transformation of contaminated water into clean drinking water. Recycling – Some of our most exciting technologies center on the reuse, recycle and recovery of materials that have historically been discarded as waste.

MEB has mastered the smooth implementation of enhanced water management and productivity solutions. Providing longer operational life of facilities and reduction of production delays, minimise operational and maintenance costs and still optimised system performance KPIs. Improve chemical safety practices with our technical skills transfer.