MEB’s core competencies have been designed to be all-compassing and we have moved mountains in the decentralized, pre-engineered, and custom-designed desalination sector. We are dosing the fire of inequality with the right amount packaged treated water to grow the most important sector in the world.

  • Seawater reverse osmosis systems remove dissolved salts and other minerals from seawater and turns it to safe potable water which gives areas with limited resources of fresh water, a reliable clean water alternative especially in coastal rich and water scare South Africa.
  • Desalination produces water that can be used for irrigation, which is great for arid or droughts-stricken regions.
  • MEB solutions are composed of high-performance RO membranes with industry-leading energy recovery for drastically reduced power consumption.
  • Seawater desalination systems are nothing new to the market, and its method has been proven, tried and deemed highly effective in creating fresh sources of drinking water.
  • As the freshwater supply on our plant is limited, we should preserve its resources by utilizing the method of desalination to eliminate water shortage.
  • Seawater is almost an infinite source to produce freshwater through desalination.
  • Unlike other solutions that heavily rely on uncontrollable factors like rain, snowfall, or climate change seawater desalination systems do not require anything other than the ocean or seawater.
  • The systems due to its packaged and mobile design, making it ideal for residential areas, industrial parks and even areas where preserving nature is important.
  • Desalination reduces the need for freshwater sources. Seeing the ocean as a water supply, might help with increase the awareness in protecting our oceans.
  • Modern and efficient technology with plug and play packaged mobile units or custom-designed skids making your water challenges a drop in the ocean.

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