We are excited to announce that MEB will be part of the Biennial WISA 2024 Conference in the city of Durban from 12 – 14 June 2024 at the Durban ICC.

MEB is part of a global group operating in Africa since 2010 and in Europe, and Middle East since 2000. MEB provide effective solutions, integrated range of professional services and turnkey projects in the fields of water, power & energy and telecommunications.

Water remains a precious commodity in water-scarce Southern Africa and effective solutions to water scarcity include water reuse, consumption monitoring and control, and leak detection.

MEB, introduce FLUENCE, innovative, energy-efficient, and decentralized, and cost-effective solution for wastewater, the membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology. The heart of the MABR process is the module that passively delivers oxygen directly into the wastewater reducing aeration energy use by up to 90%. This solution is known for its highly efficient biological nutrient removal and consistent production of high-quality effluent.

MEB introduce WASENS leak detection and prevention systems offers 24/7 full monitoring & control of water consumption, leak detection and prevention, and enables protection from major water damage.

Visit MEB stand at WISA 2024 Biennial Exhibition to learn about MEB’s innovative solutions.