The United Nations has established Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7, which is focused on achieving universal access to sustainable, dependable, cost-effective, and contemporary energy solutions for everyone by 2030.

This goal acknowledges the critical importance of access to clean and affordable energy in various aspects of economic and social advancement. It encompasses poverty reduction, agricultural productivity, the provision of clean water, and the capacity to address climate change.

It recognizes the role of sustainable energy in mitigating climate change, as the energy sector is responsible for 60% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Soon, non-residential structures within South Africa will be mandated to exhibit an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Failure to comply with this stipulation could result in building owners or accounting officers potentially facing severe consequences, which may include incarceration, substantial financial fines, or a combination of both. It is imperative to take this obligation seriously and ensure full adherence to avoid any legal repercussions.

As per reports from Wright Rose-Innes (WRI), business proprietors and accounting managers will have until December 7, 2025, to obtain an EPC, beyond which they will face significant punitive measures.

The initial deadline for obtaining an EPC was set for December 7, 2022.

However, in November of the previous year, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, extended the cutoff date. This extension was deemed necessary as only a small fraction of non-residential buildings had managed to secure their certificates within the specified timeframe.

The primary objective of an EPC is to assess a building’s energy efficiency, accomplished by assigning it a rating ranging from A (indicating exceptional efficiency) to G (representing the lowest level of efficiency possible).

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