Governments around the world are making increased use of innovative tools to anticipate and understand the complexity and uncertainty of societies and nature.

MEB Energy provides a holistic approach to collaborative innovation, innovation management and innovation leadership. From big data analytics to smart cities, drones to social networks, and predictive algorithms to machine learning, technology is enabling governments to better monitor both the physical environment and the daily concerns of citizens. These tools can support government decision- making and be used in new ways to interact with citizens, in particular by automatically detecting anomalies and forecasting potential crises that require government action.

Key areas of expertise

  • Manage data as an asset for clients
  • Advanced technology innovation
  • Smart billing and energy monitoring
  • Integrate resilience in system design

MEB, partner for Africa

MEB is a global company, with offices and partnerships worldwide, our expensive sales network makes us the ideal technology partner that can assist with large scale projects and streamline essential operations, so that you can continue operations without interruptions.

We started working in the energy sector when we commenced business, which remains a core sector of our operations. We pride ourselves with having a competent and a well experienced team of professionals to handle large projects for water and wastewater treatment for industries, towns and cities. Over the years we realised that diversifying our portfolio to suit the African continent will ultimately create a network of operations that every type of organisation can feel at home at.

MEB supplies the MABR Technology, an advanced biofilm reactor that is extensively used for treating domestic wastewater. Our main family of solutions for water, range from seawater desalination to freshwater treatment in convenient packaged modular and containerised plants. These solutions allow you to treat water to a very high quality which makes it ideal for reuse and further benefaction at a very low CAPEX, OPEX and with a small environmental footprint.

Our family of solutions are highly effective and energy efficient – the treated water can be for reuse in industrial applications, irrigation, agriculture and other applications. There are numerous packaged  plants installed and working around world. We are passionate about what we do and it directly projects onto the quality of work we do. Many organisations think that its all about quantity and price, but over the years, working on global projects has taught us that finding ways to reduce CAPEX is a continuous journey and requires active engagement for seamless operations.