Have you ever wondered about the precise definition of a turnkey concept? In essence, “turnkey” signifies being fully equipped and ready for immediate use, much like our water and energy innovations, designed to provide a comprehensive solution. With us, you are guaranteed to benefit from cost savings and receive a tried-and-tested solutions.

Delivering comprehensive, modern services is a complex endeavor that demands a proficient service provider and engineers who comprehend the African project landscape. MEB’s innovative solutions are crafted to seamlessly integrate into existing business models without disrupting processes that could negatively impact your organisation economically. When executed according to MEB’s renowned project development approach, turnkey solutions can save both time and money for a company.

We consistently go the extra mile and have positioned ourselves as leading providers of turnkey and super-turnkey solutions, prioritising performance requirements and real-time parameters necessary for achieving utility independence.

If you’re unsure about financing your initiatives or making your business more sustainable, allow us to assume financial ownership and accountability for the solution you require. Let’s build a long-term partnership based on mutual trust and mutual gains to develop unique, long-lasting solutions that address specific project needs collaboratively.

We specialise in innovative design, preassembled packaged technology, installation, maintenance, and supervision services for all your water, wastewater, power, oil, and gas technology needs. Our turnkey services can enhance your existing system, whether you need to retrofit an existing solution or upgrade capacity, with an integrated solution that enhances your organisation’s efficiency.

We’re now operating at 100% office capacity and are accepting on-site consultation bookings to help you get ahead!