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Water Rights in South Africa

Every day large amounts of toxic effluent are discharged into the ocean either down the drains or via the wastewater treatment plants. Water rights refer to legal rights to use water from a specified source. Water rights authorize entities like property owners or private companies to use, sell, divert, or manage the water. The Constitution is very specific about water, a

Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS)

As the population increases, a greater demand for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and municipal water becomes more urgent. Smart water management of potable and wastewater improves the health, food and water security of communities plagued by disease and water scarcity. Our revolutionary solutions help accelerate response plans by identifying vulnerable value chains, including infrastructure locations, and critical areas, by

Climate Change and Drought Resilience

An integrated wastewater treatment system by MEB help generate millions of cubes of reclaimed water per day. Expanding water reuse practices and customising or upgrading water treatment plants to accommodate population growth, urbanisation

Durban Floods: Rebuilding After the Floods

The recent flooding events in Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape have disrupted the lives of many in the whole of South Africa, and the damage costs are yet to be confirmed. Thousands of people have been made homeless, roads and bridges swept away and

How Increasing Water Availability for Local Production can Decrease Inflation

The Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy reports that imports of seed, oil and cake have gradually been increasing to meet the rising domestic demand. With approximately double the amount of crushing capacity available as the number of sunflower seed that is produced locally, the question arises why the local industry can’t fill the gap of imports and

Water Service Providers (WSPs): Public and Private Sector Roles

The Constitution affords everyone the right to access sufficient water. The Water Services Act 108 of 1997 (WSA) sets the legislative framework to give effect to this right by regulating institutions that manage the access and delivery of water services. These institutions

Drop in the Ocean: Blue and Green Drop Report 2022

The Blue Drop Certification seeks to protect citizens from the hazards associated with contaminated drinking water and the Green Drop Certification seeks to protect the environment from the hazards associated with polluted wastewater or effluent. It sets standards